got a question?

Q: What size skip do I require?
A: Paul Riches Skips provide a wide selection of skip sizes, please refer to our ”What We Do” page for skip sizes.

Q: Where can my skip be dropped?
A: Your skip can be placed on private property e.g. driveway , garden etc. Please be aware of over hanging trees, walls, manhole covers . 

Q: Do I need permission to drop my skip on the road?
A: Yes you will require a skip permit. When you place your skip order please ask your contact to arrange a skip permit, but please allow at least 7 working days for us to secure the permit.

Q: What do I do if I cannot get a permit?
A: Paul Riches Skips provides a ”wait & load” service, our driver will wait for up to 30 minutes for the skip to be loaded.

Q: How full can I load a skip?
A: All skips must be level loaded only. This ensures that the waste remains in the skip when transported and that the skip lorry is not over its legal limit.

Q: How do I book a skip?
A: Call us on 01234 843326 and our employees can assist you, or otherwise by fax or email, contact details on the ” Contact Us” page.                                    

Q: How much notice is need to book a skip?
A: We can normally deliver same working as order, if the skip is off road, or on private property

Q: How long can I keep a skip?
A: You may keep a skip for up to one week i.e. 7 days unless otherwise agreed.

Q: What can’t I put in a skip?
A: I’m afraid we cannot accept the following items:

– Asbestos – please note: if it looks like asbestos we will  treat it as asbestos !!

– Fridges, Freezers, Air-conditioning units 

– Tyres

– Electrical appliances

– Batteries

– Medical waste

– Fluorescent light tubes

– Paints (including residues inside paint cans) and solvents

– Aerosols and gas canisters

– Liquids

– Oil, fuel and other automotive fluids

– Hazardous / Toxic waste

– Food Wastes

A surcharge will be made for any of the above waste types found in the skips when tipped