skip hire guide

Before you order a skip, you will need to assess the waste that you wish to dispose.

Ultimately, this will allow us to choose a suitable skip for your needs, as you could lose money if your skip is too small or too large.

1. Preparation

Questions we will need to know include:

How much waste do you have?

You could try to imagine your waste as filled rubbish bin bags. Alternatively, if your waste is in piles (for example, soil or rubble) try and measure the size of the pile with a tape measure. Measure the width, length and height of the pile, and times the three measurements together to get an approximate cubic yard or metre. Once you have an approximate size of your waste, take a look at our skips page, and find the skip that is right for you.

TIP: if you are disposing bulky wooden items, such as large furniture, trees or wooden panels, you may be able to fit them into a smaller skip by dismantling and/or cutting the items down as much as possible, thus saving money by hiring a smaller skip.

Is your skip to be placed on a public highway?

If you want to put your skip on a public road, you are required to possess a council permit. The conditions of the permit vary depending on your local council, but are generally valid for at least one week. For an additional cost (around £46) we can purchase a permit on your behalf when you place your skip hire order. Please note that permits can take 7 days to process.

Accessibility: can a skip lorry reach your location?

Whilst our skip lorries can reach most parts of our areas, there are some “nooks and crannies” where a lorry cannot physically fit or leave a skip. These can include inaccessible pedestrian zones, narrow one-way streets, very small/narrow driveways or gateways, or even rickety bridges. You will also need to ensure that the skips destination is clear of obstacles, such as parked cars, on the day of arrival.

The standard size of a skip lorry is approximately 9-foot wide, by 22-foot long. As the skip is dropped from the back of the lorry, this process means that the skip and lorry can be up to 40-foot long for a large skip delivery. If this would be a problem we may be able to offer smaller skips and lorries.

2. ordering

How do I place an order?

You can call our offices on 01234 843326

What information will you require from me?

In order to place an order, we will require the following information:

  • The size of skip required
  • The type of waste to be disposed
  • Skip delivery date
  • Your contact name, address and phone number
  • The delivery address and phone number (if different from above).

How do I pay for my skip?

We accept credit or debit card payments over the phone, cheques in any form of delivery or alternatively cash can be given to the driver.

Payment is taken on delivery of the skip.

I am a business customer; can I have a credit account?

Yes, we are able to offer credit accounts for businesses that often require skips. You will need to complete a credit account application form, which is available on request and is also available on our Credit Applications page. Please contact us for assistance.

3. use and collection

How long can I keep the skip for?

Typically, skip hire lasts for one week (7 days). If you require a skip for more than a week, then please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Who is responsible for the skip’s contents?

You are responsible for the contents of the skip. You need to ensure that the waste going into the skip is suitable for general disposal (see below) and that the skip is not overloaded. If you are sharing a skip with a neighbour, you will also need to ensure that their waste is suitable.

What happens if I put unsuitable waste into the skip?

An extra disposal fee may be charged if unsuitable waste is found in a skip, unless you have notified us prior to ordering.

Waste not suitable for general disposal includes:

  • Asbestos
  • Fridges, Freezers, Air-conditioning units
  • Tyres
  • Electrical appliances
  • Batteries
  • Medical waste
  • Fluorescent light tubes
  • Paints (including residues inside paint cans) and solvents
  • Aerosols and gas canisters
  • Liquids
  • Oil, fuel and other automotive fluids
  • Hazardous / Toxic waste

What happens if I overload the skip?

We are legally not allowed to remove an overloaded skip. As a result, you will be charged a wasted journey fee. The skips content must be a level load, so that waste can’t fall out of the skip during transit. If you find that your skip is too small for the waste, you can easily hire another skip from us for the remaining waste.

I’ve finished with the skip, how do I book a collection?

Simply call us on 01234 843326, and we’ll arrange the collection from there. When booking a collection, please mention the delivery address, including postcode. Also ensure that on the day of the collection, adequate access to the skip is available for the skip lorry to load the skip.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us